PROGRAM – 3rd Forest Genomics Meeting


3rd Forest Genomics Meeting:
Regulation of genome expression dynamics in forest trees
3rd December 2014 – Oeiras, Portugal


9-9h20 – Opening Session – Cláudio Soares (ITQB Director), Pedro Fevereiro (representing IBET Direction and Jorge Paiva (iBET)

9h20-10h20 – Systems genetics unravels genetic variation for wood cell wall chemistry in Eucalyptus hybrids – Zander Myborg (Univ. Pretoria, South Africa)

10h20-10h40 – Coffee break

10h40-11h10 – Transcription regulation in Eucalyptus xylem – Jacqueline Grima-Pettenati (LRSV, France)

11h10-12h – Selected oral presentations:

– Thermospermine and auxin levels in xylem tissues of Populus are balanced by a negative feedback loop mechanism – Ana Milhinhos (ITQB-UNL & iBET, Portugal)

– Effects of Flavonoid supplementation on Eucalyptus wood: Increased S/G ratio and saccharification, reduced extractive content, and differential expression of genes involved in cell wall formation a lignin metabolism  – Jorge Lepiksonneto (LGE-IA, Univ. Estadual de Campinas, Brazil)

– Epigenetic regulation of cork development – Vera Inácio (CBAA-ISA, Portugal)

12h-13h30 – Lunch

13h30-14h30 – How DNA methylation can participate to poplar phenotypic plasticity in response to variations in water availability – Stephane Maury (Univ. Orleans, France)

14h30-15h – Post-translational regulation by miRNA in woody speachies – Jorge Paiva (iBET, Portugal)

15h30-16h – Winter dormancy in woody plants: circadian and epigenetic control – Isabel Allona (UPM, Spain)

16h-16h30 – Coffee Break

16h30-17h00 – Contribution of P-KBBE – TREEFORJOULES for bioenergy production – Jacqueline Grima-Pettenati (LRSV, France)

17h10-17h30 – General Discussion and Closure

1st announcement – 3rd Forest Genomics Meeting – 3 December 2014, Portugal


3rd Forest Genomics Meeting:
Regulation of genome expression dynamics in forest trees
3rd December 2014 – Oeiras, Portugal
(1st announcement)

The third edition of Forest Genomics Meeting (FGM) will be held in Oeiras, Portugal, at 3rd December 2014, at ITQB/iBET Auditorium.

Forest trees are long-lived, woody perennial plants, and continuously challenged by ontogenetic and environmental changing conditions. Complex transcriptional and post-transcriptional networks control genome expression, with subsequent phenotypic variation.

During the previous editions, FGM has been an opportunity to discuss the state of the art on Eucalyptus genomics (1st edition) and transgenic forest trees potential (2nd edition).

The 3rd edition of FGM year will be dedicated to the progress on the understanding of genome expression regulation, in particular the role of transcription factors, smallRNAs, DNA methylation and histone modifications in forest trees.

The 3rd Forest Genomic meeting will be organized within the collaboration of different Portuguese and international institutions, and in the frame of PKBBE-TREEFORJOULES project and TRANSBIO program.

As in other FGM Participation will be Free of Charge. However, due room limitations registration will be necessary. Registration deadline – 27 November 2014

All oral communications will be made by invitation. Communications in form of posters are welcomed. Two/ Three posters will be selected for oral presentation. You must be registered for the meeting in order to submit a poster abstract. Poster Abstracts deadline – 31 October 2014

More informations at:

Confirmed speakers:
Zander Myburg – Pretoria University (South Africa)
Stéphane Maury – Université d’Orleans (France)
Jacqueline Grima Pettenati – LRSV (France)
Isabel Allona – Universidade Politecnica Madrid (Spain)

By the Organizing Committee,
Jorge A. P. Paiva